Nick DuBaldo


Property Owner Representative

DuBaldo Edward P. Living Trust
Beller’s Music

881 Main St.

As a businessman who grew up in Manchester and is present on Main Street on a daily basis, Mr. DuBaldo is aware of the business owner’s needs, the Town processes, as well as the shortcomings and potentials of our area.

Nick’s commitment as a commissioner is to increase the viability of our historic, commercial Downtown.  With an eye toward blending practicality and excitement, he is committed to working cooperatively to promote and responsibly implement special events that draw customers to the Downtown. He is excited to be a part of efforts to improve the SSD website to make it a more dynamic and useful tool for businesses, visitors, and those seeking to open a business in our Downtown.

Nick looks forward to assisting in identifying and streamlining the process of inviting new businesses to come to Downtown, be successful and stay here.