Benefit from Downtown Events as Customers Bounce Back to Your Biz!

Last Updated 8/15/2023in Business News

Picture this: thousands of families fill the downtown sidewalks, activities, games, decorations, and the promise of candy have brought them to your doorstep! The excitement is palpable, but have you considered how to make sure your brand stays fresh in their minds even after the event wraps up? Cue the swag bags and the bounce-back coupons – your secret weapons for post-event success!  

This year Downtown Manchester will be distributing "swag bags" during Halloween Happenings and Holiday on Main! All Downtown Businesses are invited to help fill these bags! You can add a Bounce-Back Coupon or other offer/flier!

What's a Bounce-Back Coupon, Anyway?

In the wonderful world of marketing, a bounce-back coupon is like a magic wand that entices customers to return to your business for a second round of awesomeness. These coupons offer a special discount, deal, or incentive to those who've had the pleasure of engaging with your brand. They're the little treasures you tuck into swag bags to remind attendees that the fun doesn't stop when the event ends.

The Swag Bag Sorcery

Swag bags are like the goodie bags you used to get at birthday parties, except way cooler. These bags are brimming with freebies, treats, and promotional items from different businesses. But here's the twist – when you slip your bounce-back coupons into these bags, you're planting a seed of curiosity in the minds of event attendees.

Why Bounce-Back Coupons Rule

  1. Memorability Magic: The hustle and bustle of an event can be overwhelming, with hundreds of interactions competing for attention. Bounce-back coupons cut through the noise, promising a reward that'll stay etched in attendees' memories.

  2. Curiosity's Call: Ever received a coupon that's about to expire? The ticking clock of urgency is a powerful motivator. When attendees find your bounce-back coupon in their swag bags, they're more likely to use it because FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real.

  3. Follow-Up Charm: Bounce-back coupons are your golden ticket to follow-up. You can use them as an excuse to send a post-event email, thanking attendees for their presence and reminding them of the exclusive offer awaiting their return.

  4. Networking Ninja: Your bounce-back coupons can also serve as conversation starters. When attendees discuss their swag bag finds, your coupon becomes a talking point, giving you another shot at engaging with them.

Creating Bounce-Back Coupons that Pop

  • Irresistible Offers: Your coupon's discount or incentive should be enticing enough to make attendees genuinely excited about coming back. A "15% off your next purchase" might be standard, so consider spicing things up with a "Buy One Get One Free" deal or a limited-time offer.

  • Clear CTA (Call to Action): Use language that's clear and concise. Tell them exactly what they need to do to claim their offer – whether it's visiting your website, using a unique code, or showing the coupon in-store.

  • Branding Brilliance: Your coupon is an extension of your brand, so make sure it's visually appealing and in line with your business's overall aesthetics. Think of it as a tiny billboard for your awesomeness.

  • Expiration Enchantment: Set an expiration date that strikes a balance between urgency and feasibility. Too soon, and attendees might not have time to utilize it; too far in the future, and the urgency fizzles out.

So, there you have it – the magical synergy of swag bags and bounce-back coupons! As you gear up for your next big event, remember that these tools are like breadcrumbs leading your future customers back to your business. Get creative, make them smile, and watch as your brand bounces back with a bang!

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